Doin' yoga in the closet

closet yoga

My yoga mat set up in my closet for my home yoga practice.

Normally my daily yoga home practice happens in my yoga room, which also happens to be the spare room and the guest bedroom when guests are staying over.
Last week my dad and Hilda were visiting.
While they were visiting my home practice moved to my closet.
Yes, I’m bragging a little that I have a big enough closet to comfortably fit my yoga mat.
But really this post is about how you only need enough space for a yoga mat and you have enough space to practice yoga.
I have been in packed yoga classes where each student’s mat is just an inch or two away from each other. It’s not ideal, but it’s doable.
And at home you really only need the space of a mat and you’re good to go.
In my yoga teacher training we discussed how important a home practice is and how much of a struggle it can be at times.
There was a story we were told of a now teacher who would practice at home with his mat right next to his twin bed where he pretty much only had enough space for a mat in his tiny apartment.
I know creating a home practice can be daunting and sometimes difficult.
First step can be having a mat (and a spot for it). Next step, maybe find three poses you want to practice. Hmm, what three? How about Sukhasana (Easy Pose) in a seated meditation where you focusing on slowing down the breath; Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog); and Vrksasana (Tree Pose). You could do these three poses in five minutes.
I still struggle at times to do a home practice. I always feel good afterward. The practice is for me but also for my students. The sequence I practice is the same one I teach.