Keeping up during my week with snacks


My bag of snacks earlier this week.

We all need to make sure to take care of ourselves.
I find it even more pertinent as a teacher, especially a teacher of yoga.
I teach at multiple places for yoga and cycle, which means I drive from one class to the next multiple times a day.
My eating schedule depends on my teaching schedule for the day. (Sometimes I have an early lunch or a late lunch. I snack multiple times a day. And sometimes my dinner is early or late.)
In the morning I usually wake up and practice yoga (for myself and to work on the sequence I am teaching for the week). After that is my morning coffee and breakfast, which is usually peanut butter (protein) and banana toast. I get myself ready and I am out the door to teach a morning class (cycle, four mornings a week and yoga one morning a week. I usually have two mornings off during the week.)
After I teach a cycle class I need two things: a shower and protein. After four of my five cycle classes I teach a yoga class following soon after.
I take a shower and have a quick snack and then I am out the door again to teach.
This week was a little crazier than the norm for me.
I had my regular classes plus subbing a class along with extra front-desk shifts at Turtles over the past week.
Three days this week I went from teaching to working at the front desk at Turtles to teaching (and sometimes helping with closing duties after a class as well).
Because of my long days I had to make sure to be prepared with my meals. I had to make sure I had lunch ready to quickly eat at home or at the studio depending on my timing. I had many snacks ready to munch on during the day and evening.
With a little planning it all worked out OK and I kept myself from getting hungry and kept myself full of fuel.
But I have to say, I am glad the crazy week is over. It was almost like I was working a regular job again with all of those hours!
When life is crazy we need to make sure to take whatever precautions we can to take care of ourselves, whether that is with food, exercise, time for ourselves, a massage, a nap, a day to do just nothing, watching a movie, a good night of sleep or going out with friends, among many other things.
Make sure to take care of No. 1.