A celebration of yoga & people

athleta class june 11

I’m teaching students Vrksasana (Tree Pose) at the Athleta Washington Square store on Saturday, June 11, 2016.

June has been a fun month for me partnering with Athleta.
Turtles Yoga & Wellness, the studio where I teach, partnered with Athleta–Washington Square for June Studio of the Month.
Each Saturday in June a different Turtles teacher taught a free yoga or Pilates class.
I taught on June 11.
I had a great group of students. Many were some of my own students and some were new students.
We practiced Sun Salutes in anticipation of Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day Portland.
Yoga Day Portland
On Tuesday, June 21, it was Summer Solstice. There was a big celebration in Portland’s Pioneer Square.

Karen, Mari, Meghan, Kimi, Dena, Lisa and me posing in the Athleta tent right before the Athleta fashion show on Tuesday, June 21.

Karen, Mari, Meghan, Kimi, Dena, Lisa and me posing in the Athleta tent right before the Athleta fashion show on Tuesday, June 21.

There were many free yoga classes, vendors, music, dancing, an Athleta fashion show, where I was a model.
The fashion show ended up being so much fun. We put on a fabulous show and looked amazing while modeling and yoga posing.
Here is a video of a small part of the fashion show.
The group of women (pictured to the right) I rehearsed with and hung out with over many Sunday evenings are amazing people. I am sad I won’t be seeing them regularly.
Yoga Day Portland was a great yoga celebration. It was such an awesome community to spend the day with.
I met new friends, hung out with “old” friends. I ran into numerous students throughout the day.

warrior 2 athleta fashion show

Thanks to friend and yoga student Deb for taking this picture during the Athleta fashion show.

My friend Maui taught one of the free classes, Fully Belly for Digestion, after lunch.
Maui’s girlfriend, Abby, and I demoed the class while my friend Rachel assisted in the crowd of yoga students.
It was such a great and fun day. But man, it was exhausting.
The weather was almost perfect: no rain with some sun and a little warmth by the middle/end of the day.
After the closing circle a small group headed out for Happy Hour. We shared laughs and a good time over appetizers and drinks.
The Oregonian posted a story online, at Oregon Live, about Yoga Day Portland.
Check out the second picture in the slideshow … where (spoiler alert) I am demoing in Maui’s  yoga class.
Here are some more pictures throughout the fun day for you to view.
A lot of amazing people helped to put on Yoga Day Portland. But really, two women, Becky and Reagan, were the main planners on putting on this event day.
The Yoga Day Portland website describes the day as: We are a local group of Oregonians striving to improve our community and world by promoting peace within and without through the many valuable and beneficial forms of yoga practice.
Perfect way to describe a perfect day and a perfect celebration of yoga and people.