a.m./p.m. yoga

am pm yoga
Over the past week my yoga theme was a.m./p.m. yoga.
One of my yoga students recently asked me if I could teach poses that could be done first thing in the morning and some poses that could be practiced right before bed.
What a great idea!
And a.m./p.m. yoga was created by me.
A morning practice can help to encourage mindful breathing and gentle movement, which can help begin your day with ease and joy.
A practice before bed can ease you into a restful night with a quiet yoga practice focused on deep breathing to calm the mind and release physical tension.
A calm, relaxing and Restorative practice before bed helps the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and relax) to kick in.
An evening practice can help calm the mind and relieve tension in they body. A soothing practice can be an effective natural sleep remedy.
I gave my students stick figure drawings of the sequence I taught. Though in true Ann fashion in most of my classes I ran out of time and had to cut some of the poses out.
The stick figures are provided above for your use if you so wish.
If you would like a PDF e-mailed to you of the sequence, please send me an e-mail at ann@gofitgirl.com with the subject line: a.m./p.m. yoga sequence.
A regular yoga practice does the body and mind good.