Full-figured my @$$!!!!!!

So today while sweating away while working out hard on the elliptical I was reading an Us Weekly. The one where Christina tells us how she lost her 40 pounds of baby weight in just four months.
There was also other info from other celebrities telling us regular folk how they lost their baby weight or how they keep in shape. Yea, it is a lot easier when you can afford food delivered, a fancy trainer and a nanny or baby-sitter or whatever.
Anyway, on to what this enraged post is really about. There was a short article about America’s Next Top Model’s latest winner. (I don’t watch this show so this was all news to me.) Anyway, the latest winner was the show’s first full-figured winner.
OK, are you ready for this? The woman is 5-foot-10 and is a size 10. How in the hell is that full-figured? Even if she was 5-foot-5 and size 10, isn’t that kinda normal?

I am still looking at the picture trying to figure out where they came up with full-figured. I mean the woman is gorgeous and has an amazing body.

Oh wait, I just noticed that the headline refers to her as plus-size.
This is why women and girls starve themselves to be skinny. Cuz apparently if you are a size 10 (and tall) you are a full-figured plus-size gal.

I had to take a pic of it. (I don’t have a scanner, so this is the best I can get for you all.)