It's gonna be a tough food week

This past weekend was already a challenge in the food department with many activities planned.
This week is going to pose many more challenges. (Jen had asked me a food question, which I will answer eventually that kinda goes along this subject.)
Tonight my work is hosting a function for the home employees and remote employees. Work is generous with the yummy food and drinks.
Thursday is my birthday and I am having lunch with my friend Mia. Then Curt and I are eating out that night with friends’ Monica and Malcolm at Sushiya. Dinner out will be sushi, so that is pretty healthy.
Friday lunch the Legal (work) team is taking me out to celebrate–sushi again, so fairly healthy and easy to make good choices at Miyozen. (Can you tell I love sushi?!?) Friday night dinner out with friends Sue and Alicia at Townhouse. I loved the grilled veggies, polenta and pesto.
Saturday night Dad and Hilda are coming over to our neighborhood for dinner. We are going to celebrate mine and Hilda’s birthdays. Hers was last month. Not sure yet where we are going to eat. Marica’s is a contender. Ohhh, or maybe Tratorria La Siciliana. So many delicious choices!
Then Sunday Mia, Lexi (Mia’s daughter) and I are gonna celebrate my birthday with lunch and mani/pedis girl day.
Whew! So to counter all that yummy food and soy sauce I am going to have to workout like a crazy woman. I have started off the week right with a yoga practice this morning, which I thoroughly enjoyed.