Some landmarks

In my adv. body conditioning class we usually use two sets of dumbbells. When I first started the class a couple of months ago I started with the smallest hand weights, 2 pounders. Recently I graduated to the 3 pounders.
Yesterday I actually used two sets of hand weights. When Gerry (pronounced Gary) told us to use our heavier weights I went up to 5 pounds. It was tough, but good. I could feel my muscles bulging!
Then today in kickboxing … we only had four people in the class. Two were new. Usually when we start the class Keren tells anyone who gets lost to follow the girls in front–they usually know what side to be punching on and they look good doing it. I was one of those girls today. I mean, Betsy (who always looks awesome, I still look like a spaz) is usually one of those girls.
I realize I was one of the two regular students in the class. But still, it was awesome. And I am getting so much better. Punching harder, keeping up, staying on the correct side. And I am looking a little less spazzy.