Keepin' track

So I decided that I needed to do something about my eating habits. I knew I needed to. But I think my weigh-in on Monday was a good reminder of what I need to do.
So today is Day 3 of me tracking my food. I am taking this time around with a different attitude.
I am going to a birthday party on Saturday. There will be good food and booze. And I want to enjoy myself. So up until then I am going to be careful about what I put in my mouth. Then Saturday I will enjoy the party and the good eats and drinks. And then Sunday I will get back on track.
Recently while trying to get back on track I screw up one day and then I just think the week is shot. So then I just stuff my face with whatever I want. Nope, not this time around. If I have an off day then I will just get back on the horse the next day or even the next meal.
I feel proud of myself that I have kept up with it for three days. I did it before. But it has been tougher for me lately.