Guest Post: Monica

How to walk 30 miles a week … without being an athlete!
I decided four months ago that I wanted to do the 3-day walk for breast cancer. Whatever possessed me to walk 60 miles in three days, train six days a week, and wake up early on Saturdays just to go walking I’ll never know!
Maybe I’m just crazy or have too much expendable energy (my boyfriend is a big believer in this). Whatever the reason I’m signed up and now (almost) an athlete with 1-2 hour long walks during the work week and devoting 4-5 hours every weekend to my new favorite activity of walking! From this I have come up with simple rules for the non-athlete walkers among us:
1. Always bring enough water: This seems simple but I almost always run out, most coffee shops will give you a free refill.
2. Walk with a pack: Most women’s workout gear is designed to have ZERO pockets (this may be for the benefit of mankind at the gym, pockets get in the way of a good view of your behind) so its best to have something to put water and other items in.
3. Bring your cell phone: This sounds silly, but it saves you from being lost or without communication in a unknown place.
4. Good shoes: Tennis shoes take awhile to break in and you should NEVER take a long walk in new shoes (my blisters will tell you).
5. Get insoles: I am currently using happy feet, but Dr. Scholl’s seem to work well for the non-flat footed among us.
6. Find some motivation: This is the hardest rule to follow, my current motivation is not letting down all of my donors. When my donors are not enough, I normally get my boyfriend to shove me out the door!
So while none of these rules will make you a better person they may make you healthier and a better almost athlete.
For those of you inspired by my rules and regulations but not quite ready to follow them yourself remember that it is always better to walk to the neighborhood store than drive there!
For those of you looking to further mitigate your shame you can motivate me by donating to my walk. As you can see from my list I am working (and walking) hard and have yet to reach my fundraising goal of 2,400 big ones, if you would like to check out my page (and perhaps donate) please click here.
If this doesn’t work (as sometimes these things don’t) here is a simpler way for your computer to find me:
1. Go to
2. Click the Donate button
3. Click Search for Participant
4. Enter my name: Monica Tirado
Thank you in advance for your donations and I hope to see you out walking!
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