3 and 3

Yoga three times this week and spin three times this week. (Plus abs/core and body conditioning after spin today.)
This is my goal every week. Sometimes it is very difficult or impossible to achieve. I always do my best. Really, if I do 2 and 2 I am content.
Curt and I went to REI today and I got some cycling shoes. I really like how they look and feel. I practiced getting my cleats into the pedals of Curt’s bike and it was a challenge. I kept expecting to “feel” when my foot was in the right position. Curt did a good job of explaining and showing. But it was still difficult. I am hoping it is a little easier on the spin bike because I won’t have to worry about balancing. I hope.
When I was trying my cycling shoes on the guy at REI was telling me that when spinning your feet swell up a size and a half. Huh, who knew? I have been having issues lately using the straps on the spin bikes. They are either too tight or too loose, my left foot usually cramps up at some point, my right foot usually falls asleep. Yea, no fun. So hopefully the new shoes will help–if I can get them in the pedal clip.