Tried out my new spin shoes

photo-2In spin class tonight I used my new cycling shoes. It didn’t take me too long to get my cleats into the pedal. And then I was ready to go.
The class was way better with the cycling shoes. My feet felt pretty good. I didn’t have to worry about the strap being too loose or too tight on my feet. My left foot never got its normal cramp and my right foot didn’t fall asleep, like it normally does.
The instructor had us do endurance for the whole class. Man, it was tough. It was so hot, too. It was humid in the classroom. And I was in the front row being blasted by the tornado fan.
I have been doing spin pretty consistently for more than a year and man, it is still tough. I definitely have gotten better. But that class still kicks my butt every time. I do have to say I usually sleep pretty well on Tuesday and Thursday nights and I usually need a nap on Saturday afternoons.