Trudged through spin today despite heat

It had been a whole week since I had been to spin. And today it was hot. The class went well. I don’t think Jennifer pushed us as hard because it was so warm. (Most places don’t have AC here, including the spin room. Apparently they are working on it.)
This past week my workout sked was a little off. I had two days of training–so I did my best day to make up for that. Thursday I had planned to go for a walk during my work day … never happened. I had plans after work so I wasn’t able to go to my regular spin class.
I didn’t take my regular afternoon nap today. After the gym I had to run errands and get some stuff done. My grandpa is in town and he and my dad came over for dinner. Actually when I got home from the pharmacy and cleaners they were already here.
We had a nice visit, which included early dinner and drinks. Then we were home about 7:30 and I took a nap (our house was pretty warm, too). At this rate I think bed is in order soon.