Last few pounds are killer

So when I was first losing weight, the last 10 pounds were the hardest.
Since trying to get back to my goal weight I didn’t even have 10 pounds to lose, more like 8-9. These last 3-4 are barely moving on the scale for me. I was hoping to be at my goal weight by the time we take off for vacation. I am starting to realize that may not happen.
My grandpa was in town this past weekend. And my in-laws will be in town this coming weekend. And then Curt and I take off for Europe.
Even though I will be doing a lot of walking in Europe the food isn’t exactly Weight Watchers friendly or healthy eating friendly. (Neither is the beer for that matter. I wonder how many points 2 litres of beer and half a chicken are? Hint: I really don’t want to know.)
But I am not giving up. I still want to be diligent before my vacation. And once I come back.
But also as of last week my workout schedule was altered and it pretty much will be until the end of September. So that will make it tough, too. I guess all I can do is my best. Wish me luck.