Walking tour in Prague

Curt and I hired a tour guide, Eva, yesterday to give us a walking tour of Prague. When she first proposed 6 hours we kinda balked at it and said we would see how we were feeling at 4-5 hours. Well, we were with Eva for six hours.
We, of course, didn’t walk the entire six hours. There was a lunch break and lots of stops to look at things and for her to point at things here and there–which was really cool. No guide book or group tour would do that.
Our tour ended at a monastery with … beer. Man, that beer was good. Eva said, in her opinion, it is the best beer in Prague. I think she was right.
We walked so much that my calves and one knee are hurting. Thank goodness for Aleve.
Today some more walking, but a lot less and much more causual.