Staying hydrated

Whenever I travel I usually don’t drink enough water and get dehydrated rather quickly. And once your body is used to a good amount of water even not having enough one day can make a difference.
Curt and I flew out Saturday and I have stayed pretty hydrated since, including the plane trip. Luckily the tap water here tastes pretty decent and is safe. If you got to a restaurant here the question is not tap or bottled water, it is still or sparkling? In Budapest it was, with gas or no gas? No gas, thank you.
Before we left the Bay Area I bought a little water bottle from REI for my trip. It has worked pretty well for me since we have been on the trip. I haven’t actually taken it out of the hotels with me. That was the plan. I could put my purse strap through the lid. Maybe I eventually will.
I am still enjoying my coffee and beer while here. I think I will also have to taste Bohemian wine before we leave Prague.
Oh, and I have been exercising at all. But have been getting a good amount of walking in. Today on our way down from the castle I could feel my calves.