A serving of pasta

The other night I was cooking some whole wheat pasta and needed to measure how much I was consuming. (I have been counting calories since Monday. Will write about how that is going later on.)
The box says a serving is 2 ounces. Since I don’t have a food scale I have no idea how much that is cooked or even dry. So I finally decided to look it up. Two ounces of dry pasta is equal to 1 cup of cooked pasta. (Why I didn’t look that up sooner I don’t know.)
The night of the pasta eating I also had enough calories in my “budget” to have a glass of wine.
It was a good dinner with some sauteed homegrown tomatoes, a little garlic and a tsp. of olive oil over a cup of whole wheat spaghetti, a green salad with basalmic salad spritzer and a glass of red wine.