I'm hot!

Tonight in spin class it was the battle of the fan.
I like to sit in the front row: I can see and hear the teacher better and I am closer to the fans.
Once class heated up I got off my bike to turn on a fan. I asked the guys behind me if they wanted the smaller fan on them. They said no. So I just turned on the big tornado fan and got back on my bike.
After about 5-10 minutes one of the guys behind me got up and turned the tornado fan. Uh, OK, now I had no cool air on me. So I asked him to turn on the little fan for me.
Here’s the thing … you know where the fans are in class. If you don’t want a fan on you don’t sit on a bike right near them. Other people do want air on them. And the guy could have moved to a bike away from the fans.
Hopefully I won’t endure this battle again. I seriously don’t understand how people can work out when they are so hot and sweaty. Spin is tough enough as it is. I don’t need that enhanced with being hotter than necessary.