Battle of the fan saga continues

When I got to spin today all the bikes were crowded together. I tried to move the bikes around as best I could.
I set up my bike right near the tornado fan.
There ended up only being three of us in the class. (I think most people were out drinking green beer.)
One of the guys who came in was the same one I had issues with last time over the fan. He told me he couldn’t have the fan on him. I told him there were many bikes to choose from that wouldn’t be hit by the fan. He just came over and moved the fan. That thing is kinda big and heavy. I told him that now I couldn’t feel the air anymore. So he suggested I move my bike. (Nice, huh?) I said, well, what if someone else wants air on them? I couldn’t hear what he said after that. It was a moot point as there were only three of us. But I was still irritated.
With no air on me I don’t know if I could have survived that class. It was a pretty tough endurance class. I think Tim was trying to kill us. It was a good and tough class.
And I always feel great afterward.