Sweaty, burning thighs …

side pain; cramps in both feet; tornado fan fizzles out; major cardio workout.
Spin was pretty tough tonight. Boku really worked us hard. I started riding and then at some point I climbed off my bike to turn on the tornado fan. It cranked up and the air started moving. And then all of a sudden it shut off. I have no idea what happened. (We tested it after class and it seemed OK. Who know? Let’s see how Thursday goes.) So let’s just say that class got really sweaty. (Luckily the side fans were on so I didn’t completely die.) Right after the fan died I got a cramp in my right foot, that went away and then I got one in my left foot. Soon after that a side pain, which luckily didn’t last long. Our fat burning was pretty intense tonight–my thighs were on fire. Forty-five seconds at 90 percent is intense.
After class I came home and showered. Then I was ready to make dinner. I was going to make veggie/shrimp stir fry. But then I noticed Saucy Scallops Curt had gotten at Trader Joe’s. So I made those along with some brown rice. I figured out my points and was able to have 1 12 servings of Saucy Scallops, 1 cup of rice, and one glass of wine. OH YEA! (Still enjoying my glass of wine right now.)
(Today is Day 2 of my healthier eating. So far so good.)
Comment Contest Early Bird Special: If you are one of my few faithful readers; someone who just happened upon my blog today; or even a casual reader … today is your lucky day. Next Tuesday will be the official Comment Contest Tuesday, which you can participate in. But today starts the unofficial Comment Contest Tuesday. My goal is to write a post every day this week. For every post this week starting today (tonight) through next Monday where you comment you will have your name thrown into a random drawing for a prize. So if I write a post every day through Monday you could have your name thrown into the drawing SEVEN TIMES! (You can comment as much as you like throughout the week, but your name will only be put in the hat once for every day you comment.) Then the official Comment Contest Tuesday will post next Tuesday where you can comment up to three times and have your name submitted to the drawing three more times for a possible total of TEN entires into the drawing, which makes it more likely for you to win the prize. The special Comment Contest Tuesday will only be mentioned today and not posted anywhere else but Go Fit Girl! It is preferable for you to comment about the actual post. But if that isn’t possible the comment has to at least be health/fitness related. Also, you have to comment in the actual comment section. E-mails, FB and Twitter comments don’t count.
Good luck ladies … and gentlemen. And thank you for your support.