Haters need to step off

When I was losing weight years ago I encountered many haters.
I actually had more than one person tell me they hated me. They hated me because I was losing weight, working out almost every day and not stuffing myself with cake, some high calorie lunch, etc. Well, I hated them because I wanted to sleep in, be a lazy couch potato, not go to the gym and stuff myself with all the delicious goodies they were.
So many times people have given me a hard time about what I am eating, what I am not eating, what I order, what I don’t order. It is really irritating.┬áBelieve me, while I am ordering the salad with the dressing on the side I really want to eat what you are having … macaroni and cheese.
So my response is usually, stop being a hater or how about we make a deal? If you don’t give me a hard time about what I eat I won’t give you a hard time about what you eat.
Today we had a nice work luncheon for all the employees. The lunch was really delicious. I felt I did a great job of selecting healthy food. And actually most of the food was pretty healthy. When it was time for dessert a co-worker mentioned she was going to get some. I said, no thanks. She looked over at another co-worker and said, She’s on a diet, in a tone.
I know that people’s reaction is a reflection on them and not me. But I really want to say something nasty back. People need to realize that that is not OK. (And seriously, how is this a burden for them?) Just worry about yourself and leave me alone!