Candy bowl restocked

I have had a candy bowl at my desk for about five years. It started one Halloween when we lived in Berkeley and I figured we would have a ton of kids so I got lots of candy. We didn’t.
Co-workers love it and that is really why I have it.
Lately the candy bowl has been a huge distraction in regards to my limited calorie intake and healthy eating. I just couldn’t fill it … otherwise I would just eat all the candy.
Lately I have felt once I start I just can’t stop. So my solution was to stop stocking the bowl.
Yesterday when I was at the grocery I told myself I was ready to restock the bowl. So I got some candy and today I dumped it into the bowl. I never felt any craving for chocolate–and peanut butter cups are my absolute fave. I just told myself what my goal is right now–to get back to my goal weight. I don’t want to fall back into my bad habits of stuffing my face with crap, especially when I am stressed, overwhelmed or upset.
Let’s see how Day 2 goes with the overflowing chocolately goodness sitting at my desk.