Ordering from the menu can be scary

My co-worker Tony and I try to motivate each other in the exercise/caloric intake category. We share tips and advice whenever we can.
Tony has been doing really well lately when it comes to eating. And his exercise is stellar.
Me not so much. I am doing a little better with the food. But as I type this I am drinking a beer (at least it is Corona light) while watching my Wildcats play (and BEAT) Duke! So a beer is called for. (I have been trying to keep alcohol to weekends. But this is a special occasion.)
Anyway, he came over yesterday to tell me that it was his wife’s birthday and they were going out to dinner to a brewery. So you can figure out the type of food available. Funny thing is, she is pregnant and he is avoiding alcohol.
Tony told me that he remembered my suggestion about looking at the menu ahead of time to figure out what you wanted to order. He printed out the online menu and asked me what I would order. I looked at the menu and told him I would order the portobello mushroom sandwich without the aioli mayo and ask them to switch the baguette for the wheat bread (that was available on some of the other sandwiches). I told him he could also ask for no cheese but then it would just taste like cardboard. I mean, give some things up but not everything. (By the way, portobello mushrooms are a great alternative to a burger. They are juicy and meaty and delicious.)
We didn’t have a chance to chat today about how it went. But I am sure Tony did just fine.