Spinning out of bikes

I arrived at my 9 a.m. spin class this morning about 8:22. There are usually 15-16 bikes in the actual class. When I arrived 10 bikes were already spoken for. There are a lot of regulars in that class. You have to get there early to get a bike.
I couldn’t believe how full class was that early. I usually get there and maybe two to three, at the most four are spoken for. I still got a bike I like, right near the tornado fan. Most of the regulars have a favorite spot.
Some people set their stuff down and go do weights or some sort of stretching or other exercise. I don’t. I normally work out for two hours at the gym on Saturdays. I am not gonna do more than that. So I either scan my phone and view Facebook or Twitter or something. Otherwise I chat with others. It is a chatty class and we are all becoming friends. So I just socialize.
I seriously don’t want to have to get up any earlier on a Saturday just to get my regular spot or any bike for that matter. I heard that we may be getting a few more bikes in the class. So that will help.