Get a tight, fit butt with toner shoes

Last year (yes, it has been many, many months) I asked my readers what they wanted to know or any questions they had for me. I am slowly researching and getting through the questions. And if you asked me a question, I haven’t forgotten and I will get to it.
Penny wanted to know “if those funky tennis shoes–the ones that are kind of curved on the bottom, so that your heel goes really far down as you walk–really work or not?”
I am willing to try out a pair of “toner” shoes to see if they really work or not. But they are spendy and not something I would normally want to buy on my own.
So, my dear readers, I have done a little research and have come up with four possible shoes to try out. But I need some help to buy the shoes.
Here is what I propose: Read the minor descriptions of the shoes I have picked out. For every dollar you donate to me you get a vote on a shoe. For example, you donate 5 bucks you get five votes and you can use those votes all on one shoe or more than one shoe. Before I can purchase the shoes I need at least half the cost of the shoe. So read, review, donate and vote.
(Under the ABOUT ME on the right you will see Shoe Review “Donation voting.” Click on the drop down menu and select an amount to “donate.” Then add to cart. When you are reviewing your information before payment you will see Note to Seller: Edit. Click on edit and vote for the shoe(s) there.)
The shoes you can vote on and I can wear and review:
1.Reebok Women’s Easytone Reenew Toner:  According to Amazon: Get a better butt and better legs with every step. Built specifically for walking and everyday activities, the EasyTone Reenew can help tighten and tone key leg muscles thanks to our patented sole technology – pockets of moving air that emulate walking on sand. Price: ~$70
2. Skechers Women’s Shape Ups–Fitness Sneaker: According to Amazon: Shape Ups from Skechers are designed to get you fit while you walk, work, shop, and more. Shape Ups have as much a place in your life as your boots, sandals, and dress casuals, and can retrain your muscles, helping you walk with a positive impact. Used properly, Shape Ups change the way you approach your daily activities. Used regularly, Shape Ups will enhance the way you feel and look; muscles get toned, calories are burned and your posture improves. Price: ~$61
3.Skechers Women’s Shape-Ups Toners-Ultra Fit Sneaker: According to Amazon: Make the most of your workout with Skechers’ Shape-Up Toners-Ultra fit. With Kinetic Toning Pods your muscles work harder with each step, sculpting your lower body along the way. With a padded footbed and shock-absorbing midsole what more could you want in a shoe? Price: ~$50
4. New Balance Women’s WW1870 Toning Shoe: According to Amazon: Do something good for your health and appearance with every step you take in the WW1615 toning shoe from New Balance. Specifically designed to target and activate muscles as you walk, you’ll gain an extra health benefit from every step. This sleek sneaker with a metallic-toned leather and mesh upper accented by dynamic detailing that even looks like it’s dedicated to your peak performance. ~$65