Getting in my daily water allotment

Ann drinking from her 20 oz. water bottle.

My friend Erica was recently told by her midwife that it was recommended that Erica drink 100 ounces of water a day. That is about 13 8 oz. servings of water. That’s a lot of water.
For today’s post I decided to track how much water I have consumed today. I am on my 12th 8 oz. serving for the day and it isn’t even 7 p.m.
I recently had a doctor’s visit and my doctor and I did discuss water intake. At the time the water bottle I was using regularly was a 20 oz. bottle. (Photo on the right.) My doctor told me three bottles a day was what I should at least be drinking. Anything over that was great, but not necessary.
I used to struggle with getting enough water in me every day. Now it seems so easy. Here are my tricks. First, I switched to a different kind of water bottle. I call my Camelbak water bottle my adult sippy cup. It seems to make me drink more water and it makes it easier. I don’t feel like it is a chore to drink water. I drink water on the way to work and the way back. (16 oz. each way–4 servings) When my company moved we did away with plastic water bottles. Every employee received an acrylic cup with straw, which look kinda like this.

Ann's sippy cup water bottle. I love my Camelbak water bottle. And in my favorite color!

In a normal day I will drink my 16 0z. on the way to work; 32 oz. while at work; 16 oz. on the way home; and 16 more oz. that evening with dinner. That’s 80 oz. That’s pretty great, eh?
I hardly drink soda anymore. I was only drinking diet–or Coke Zero. But I know that isn’t great for anyone either. I still drink and enjoy my coffee just about every day. My morning ritual at work once I arrive is to make my cup of coffee and fill up my acrylic cup with room temp water.
So, Erica, I will likely consume at least 100 ounces of water today. Maybe even more. What is working for you to drink that much water?