Adding a little flavor to that drinking water

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer I got at the grocery over the weekend. And I had a $1 off coupon.

OK, so it is looking like this week might be a water theme. Maybe.

I forgot to mention in my post last night that when I exercise I drink about 16 oz. of water. That is in addition to the roughly 80 oz. I get in on an average day.
When I was doing Weight Watchers a lot of women found that drinking water with a straw seemed to help them drink more water. I used to use a Weight Watchers 32 oz. mug with a straw.┬áThat worked for me for a while and then it didn’t.
I am finding my sippy cup Camelbak water bottle is working pretty well for me lately. As is my acrylic cup with a straw at work. Room temperature water is best for me when I am just sipping water. If I am having a meal or working out I tend to like my water colder.
Sometimes water can get boring. So far I am not bored … yet. But when I was at the grocery the other day I sampled water flavored with MiO Liquid. And it was pretty good. So I got the Strawberry Watermelon water enhancer. I tried it today at work with some water. And I have to say it is rather tasty. It kinda tastes like Kool-Aid.
Crystal Light is also a great water enhancer. My favorite is the lemonade.
Just a reminder that the majority of your water should be good old fashioned unenhanced water. Some enhancers are OK, just be careful with them.
Two other things. One: Please look over my post about wanting to review toner shoes. And think about throwing a buck or two my way to help me buy those shoes. And two: to give you a heads up … tomorrow will be a Comment Contest Tuesday post.