It's Corona Light time

Enjoying a Corona Light with lime and Lifetime Movie Network. Great way to start my weekend. Especially after a yoga class.

Oh yea, just got home from my work day … well, after work I stopped at the gym for a yoga class. Friday nights at the gym are 75 minutes. It’s a decent yoga practice with about 10-15 minutes of Restorative Yoga.
Found out tonight that tonight was the last Friday night yoga class with Ken. What a bummer. The gym is changing the class to Pilates/core, which most of the people in that Friday class seem upset about, myself included. It is harder for me to get too upset over it since I am no longer a regular to that class. But I do plan to say something to the manager.
At the end of class Ken shared a story with us. I paraphrase it here:
There were two men sharing a hospital room. Bob’s condition required him to lie flat on his back. Because Jorge was sitting up he would describe to Bob what he could see out the window to help the time pass by. Jorge would describe the children who ran and walked by, the animals flying around or scampering, the weather, etc. Over time Bob and Jorge became good friends. One morning Bob woke up and found out that Jorge had died. Bob was getting better and soon would be able to sit up. So he asked the nurse if he could move to the other bed by the window. The nurse told Bob there was no window in the room and that Jorge was blind. Jorge wanted to inspire and encourage Bob to get better.
Ken ended class with saying his students inspire and encourage him. I loved that story and wanted to share it with you.
I hope that I inspire you. I know my readers inspire me. I always appreciate comments, suggestions or questions.