A little vacation weight gain

We had paella for the first dinner we had in Barcelona. It was delicious.

Yesterday and today I have been so hungry. Not sure if it because my internal cycle is all screwed up or because I am used to eating and drinking a lot more than normal, after my week in Barcelona.
I appear to have gained about a pound and a half. We did a fair amount of walking–at least at the beginning of the week. But I also ate and drank whatever I wanted. And there was a lot of both. Between beer and sangria and tapas and pastries and cafe con leches and all of that I took in a lot of calories. Everything was so good. Oh man!
I haven’t started back to my regular workout schedule yet. I hope to go to my regular Wednesday night yoga class tomorrow.
And at some point the healthy eating has to come back into my life. I will get there.