Stepping on scale was not so scary

I did a weigh-in today and I was surprised and happy to find that I am only 4 pounds from my goal weight. I am not really sure how or why that happened. But I am OK with it.
About the first two years after I lost my roughly 30 pounds I was able to maintain rather easily. The past two years have been a little more of a struggle. But the highest weight I have been from my goal weight has been 9 pounds.
I decided to look at my Before and After pics again and post on my Go Fit Girl! Facebook page and have a link here as well. I am having issues sharing the link from Facebook.
I am still proud of my weight loss and happy with the fact that I have maintained pretty well over the years. The only new clothes I want to buy are in the sizes I own now. I purposely got rid of most of my clothes after my weight loss. I didn’t want to have them as a fall back and Bay Area closets are teeny tiny. I have no space for bigger clothes.