Taking care of my back

Some yoga back stretches I did today. Photo courtesy of yogacards.com

Soon after I arrived at work this morning I noticed I had mid-back pain. Normally if I have back pain it is lower back pain, which is caused by a variety of things such as Kyphosis, bad posture, sitting for a long period of time, etc.
My middle back pain was either because of a yoga posture yesterday (intense chest opener), sleeping oddly, stress at work … or maybe all three.
At some point at work today I raided the first aid kit and found something called pain away. I took that and felt better for a while.

This is part of a muscle poster, which hangs on the wall at the work gym.

I decided to keep my workout light today. I did the above yoga stretches. After the stretches I did some light weights to stretch and strengthen my back muscles.
I used 5 pounds for the one-arm dumbbell rows. If you can get through the annoying ad, this video gives a great example of the one-arm row.
I also did the two-arm row, but I did mine standing straight up, not bent over. I thought that would be too much for my back.
And the third weight training I did was lat pulldowns.
After the three different kinds of weight training I repeated the yoga stretches.
I didn’t rush. I just took my time. I made sure I was breathing through my moves, especially the stretches.
Once I got on the shuttle bus to ride back to my car and home, I realized my back felt much less tweaky.