It was a yoga kind of weekend

Ann in Warrior II.

Over three days I took five yoga classes. I  am definitely putting that unlimited membership to good use.
Oh, and I got a second yoga bingo today. I had to turn my card in for a drawing and was given a new one. I had two yoga bingos, so I am entered in the drawing twice and I still have until the end of the month to earn more bingos.
Since I worked from home on Friday, I took a morning Vinyasa Flow. The class was taught by a sub. I like the regular instructor. But the sub was great, too. In the Vinyasa Flow classes at some point the instructor usually wants to create some heat. In Friday’s class, Katie had us do our own Vinyasas, which I thought was pretty cool.
Yesterday, I took three hours of yoga. Two classes in a row: Vinyasa Flow and Hatha. I felt really amazing afterward.
Today I tried an Ashtanga Flow class. I had never taken Ashtanga class before today. And I just came back from the Restorative class.
This link gives a short description of the various types of yoga.
I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to try so many types of yoga. Some I really like, some are just OK. Most of the instructors are great and some are just OK. Namaste’s schedule allows me to find the classes and instructors that fit best for me. And with my unlimited membership and the encouragement of Yoga Bingo I am trying so many different classes and instructors.