Days of spinning

Ann during a Saturday spin class.

Yesterday I worked from home because Curt and I had a function to attend last night and if I went into the office I wouldn’t have made it on time.
Because I was working from home I could attend my (old regular) noon spin class.
I do best when I take classes. I do even better when I like the teacher who also happens to be my friend and when I have other friends in the class. (There is a group of us Saturday spinner [sometimes we spin other days, too] who have become pretty good friends.)
It’s always great to get my workout finished before the end of the work day. I just have to make sure to get myself away from work to take the class.
Today I worked out on the espinner at the work gym. I did about an hour of hills. It was a good way to the end crazy work day. I felt rather accomplished today and I even had three meetings. And I got my workout in. And I ate rather healthy today, except for those three Rolos I ate. 🙂 Oh, and you can’t forget all the water I drank.