It's about feet today … and Chinese food

In my Hatha Yoga class I got a foot cramp while in Revolved Triangle Pose. The foot cramps aren’t too regular but enough to be bothersome. I also get them in spin sometimes as well.
As I was trying to massage out my crampy left toes Vickie came over to check on me. (Vickie was subbing for Baxter tonight.) She told me that according to reflexology if you get cramps in your feet you usually have back issues, which I do. But then she said, if the cramps are in your toes, which mine usually are, you usually have neck issues, which I don’t. But I wonder if tight neck counts. I hold a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders and upper back.
I did some research and couldn’t find a ton about what Vickie told me. And I am tired and don’t want to do any more research. I got this photo to the left from here.
An ode to the Simpsons
I had lunch with some co-workers today at a Chinese restaurant. It never even occurred to me that I should order steamed veggies. Nope, I went with Kung Pao Chicken, which is my absolute fave when eating Chinese.
I ordered my lunch hot, but it wasn’t that spicy. So I added some spice. At some point while eating I started to feel warm and tingly (definitely not a hot flash–that feels more warm in just my just and above and all of a sudden just drenched in sweat). The warm and tingly was in the back of my neck and arms and face. I don’t think I actually ate one of the chilis
Not sure if it was my lunch or my glass of wine. But I felt like Homer Simpson on the chili episode where he hallucinates and encounters a coyote who talks just like Johnny Cash.
I’m having my leftovers for dinner. We’ll see if it happens again.