Workin' on those guns

I exercise almost every day. I am still amazed at myself that I do. But it has just become a healthy habit in my life, like brushing my teeth. It is now just part of my lifestyle.

Today at the gym one of the arm weight exercises I did was the shoulder press.

When I practice yoga, which is about three times a week, at the studio all classes are an hour and a half. On Saturdays at the gym I usually take two hours of classes: spin; abs; and body conditioning. Working on the espinner at the work gym varies depending on how much time I have: 30 mins to an hour, and the time of the shuttle bus.
Even with all of that I feel like I need another day of weights. So my goal is on Tuesdays or Thursdays to try to workout at the work gym an hour and a half: an hour of cardio with weights and abs, like I did today. (We have free weights, weight machines, medicine balls, stability balls and plenty of cardio machines). It is easy for me to work my arms, legs and core in addition to my cardio.)
Today was a good day to start as my boss is on vacation this week (and next, too). He actually also exercises regularly and never gives me a hard time about going to the gym. We actually have a little competition going on on who can burn more calories.
In order to workout longer I have to make a few sacrifices: take the later shuttle; have less time at home at least one evening a week; possibly go to bed later than 99:30 p.m., etc. (Don’t forget, I get up at 5 a.m. four days a week.) But I think I can do it. (I am also about to sign up for a course, which will suck up some time, too. But luckily I can get a lot of studying done on the commute to and from work.)