Choosing to taking it easy

The scarf I have been working on for my friend Monica.

Today my goal was to not eat any bite-sized Snickers from my candy bowl at work. I was tempted many times. But every time I longingly looked at the candy I reminded myself of my goal. And I was successful. Just a little will power.
I had planned to do an hour and a half at the work gym–an hour of cardio and then weights and abs.
But all day today I have had a headache. I just couldn’t kick it. I wasn’t sure if it was a sinus headache or because I was dehydrated or something else. I drank a decent amount of water yesterday. But not as much as I normally take in.
I thought it was best to skip the gym and take it easy this evening. I exercise almost every day. So I don’t feel guilty skipping today. Every body needs to rest at times as well.
This evening I have been relaxing, watching TV, movies, cuddling with the furbaby and knitting. I haven’t knitted in some time. But I am working on a scarf for a friend who is walking the 60 miles in three days for Susan G. Komen.
I am excited about the scarf I am making and am really enjoying it, especially since it is for a dear friend who is doing something amazing for herself and for a great cause. Knitting can really be so relaxing for me. Back to knitting …