It's my birthday … not really … party anyway

I used to be 29 will always be true. I had that shirt made for my 30th birthday. This picture was taken at my 33rd birthday party at Tootsies: pedicures, shoe shopping and chair massages with girlfriends.

Years ago I was doing a puzzle with my youngest nephew. He was and is awesome at puzzles especially at the age he was, which I think was 4 or 5. He got a difficult piece in an adult puzzle and I kinda sang, Go, Jackson. It’s your birthday. He looked at me and said, no, it’s not. So then he created his own version: It’s my birthday … not really … party anyway.
Yes, there is a point to my post. My birthday is next month. And I want to get a new yoga mat. The one I have is kinda cheap and frankly, a little slippery, which isn’t so great when in certain poses, like Downward Facing Dog.
With family we don’t exchange Christmas presents as we focus on charity instead. But we still do birthday gifts, especially since it is a “special day.” There are only a few friends I exchange gifts with for birthdays these days.
My mom probably already bought my gift … (and it probably has a cat on it.) 🙂 But for anyone who is actually gonna get me a gift I am asking for REI gift cards, where I plan to purchase my yoga mat.
I would love to support the yoga studio in my neighborhood with my purchase of a yoga mat and possibly some other items. But everything is so expensive.
The yoga mat I have now is a Gaiam. I am thinking about getting either a Jade or a Manduka. If, after my yoga mat purchase, I have any gift card left I put it toward exercise clothes–whether it be socks, tanks tops or more yoga pants. One can never have too many pairs of yoga pants.
I am spending this weekend in Tucson and I know my dad and Hilda have multiple mats. I plan to test theirs out see if one fits me. Though from the little research I have done I am thinking for going for the Jade (this one is fancier and I really like it).