Stretching out the back

The yoga stretches my co-worker and I did yesterday. Photo courtesy of

One of my team co-workers recently started exercising. She is taking it slowly with walking on the treadmill. I am proud of her for making the commitment and making it to the gym.
Her back was really bothering her yesterday. She wanted to at least do some stretching. I told her that about a month ago my back was also bothering me. So I just went online and found some yoga stretches and then, of course, wrote about it. I printed out the stretch diagram pictured to the left for her.
I went down to the gym before her and did about 45 minutes of cardio. She came down right when I was finishing up. Perfect timing. So we did the series together. I also had her do a standing forward bend against the wall. She couldn’t reach her hands to the ground. We don’t have any yoga blocks at the gym so I propped up two dumbbells for her to place her hands on as if we had blocks available. That gave her a better and safer stretch.
She said child’s pose felt really good for her back. I told her that one is great for relaxing and for her back. She told me she did the stretches again last night. And her back felt a little bit better today.
All of these stretches would actually be a great way to end a tough day. Or even great to do before going to bed.