UGH! Time for some sort of detox

Chorizo, eggs, chile verde, beans, tortilla and strawberries made up a delicious breakfast over the weekend.

I had a good weekend in Tucson. I saw lots of family, ate good food and had numerous drinks.
I knew there would be little if any healthy options to eat. Which I was completely OK with.
I hoped I would get a little yoga in with Hilda. We talked about doing yoga together.
But it never happened. Plus there was so much other stuff going on: running errands for my grandpa’s 90th birthday party; setting up for the party; breakfast with the family; other family obligations.
It’s OK. I will get back to the exercise again tomorrow.
My dad is a great cook (as is my mom) and made a big part of the dinner feast for my grandpa’s 90th birthday party. Grandpa wanted tacos. So we had tacos. The next day we had the chorizo breakfast.
Saturday we had a late breakfast with my mom and stepdad. Then later that day we had the party for Grandpa: good food and beers for me. Later that night a group of us headed to The Buffet for drinks.
Sunday was the chorizo breakfast. Then on to my mom’s to visit with my grandma and uncle and a cousin. My mom had appetizers out for us. Plus there was beer and margaritas and I still had half my strawberry eegee slushie drink, which you can only get in Tucson.
After hanging out for sometime we headed out for pizza and beer.
My mom sent us home with tamales. So guess what I had when we got home. Yup, tamales and, of course, a beer.
All this eating and drinking … I am going to have to do some sort of detox this coming week.
If you are interested in photos from this weekend, please click here.