Not exactly detoxing

My lunch today was a yummy and filling salad.

After three days of no exercise and pretty much stuffing my face with Mexican food and other delicious and delightfully unhealthy stuff I was back at it with my regular routine today.
I hit the gym for 45 minutes of endurance spinning and 15-20 minutes of some arm weights and abs.
For lunch today I had a salad. I tried to make it healthy and filling with a little grilled chicken, spinach, carrots, a little cheese, beets, a little corn, quinoa, strawberries, onions, mushrooms, etc. For dressing I had oil and vinegar.
I wouldn’t say I exactly detoxed today. I had one cup of coffee and then water for the rest of the day. Though that is usually the norm.
For dinner tonight I had steamed broccoli and brown rice with some seasonings. It was filling and pretty tasty. It’s one of my regular and favorite dinners when eating healthy.
The two Hershey’s kisses were much better than what I could have been stuffing my face with. Plus, there were leftover breakfast burritos from some morning meeting and I didn’t have any of that. Especially since I had already had my Bagel Thin with Light Laughing Cow cheese and a nectarine.

Doing abs on the stability ball this afternoon.

The next couple of weeks will pose a challenge to my healthy living. Thursday and Friday of this week I have training in the city. That means I will be eating out for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is easy as I can have a soy latte and oatmeal at Starbucks. That also means it will be more difficult to exercise. I already have a few social things planned which have to do with eating and/or drinking this week as well.
Next weekend I am traveling to LA for a conference. So there will be lots of eating out and free meals, activities, etc. I am hoping to hit the gym at the hotel every day. I come back from LA and it is almost my birthday weekend …
All I can do is my best.