Ready for the weekend?

Mexican food. Oh yum! I am sure I will be eating a lot of stuff like that over the weekend.

As I do most Fridays I worked from home today. I also attended the 10 a.m. yoga class. I either take that class on Fridays or the now 5:30 p.m. class.
It was important for me to keep my exercise as regular as possible since I am going to Tucson this weekend. We are celebrating my grandpa’s 90th birthday. So there will be a lot of eating and drinking over the weekend. I mean, what better way to celebrate than with Mexican food and alcohol?
There will be lots of eating, drinking and running around town getting errands done for Grandpa’s party as well as getting family visits in over the short weekend.
I am hoping I can do some yoga with Hilda, my dad’s wife, once or twice over the weekend. She is a yoga instructor.
As long as we aren’t too busy I hope I can squeeze in some yoga with her. Or I guess I could do it myself. But that isn’t as fun.