Keeping healthy with flu shot

Yesterday I got my flu shot. My company provides free flu shots every year. And I take advantage.
A couple of years ago the nurse asked me if I worked out. I was flattered. As she was giving me my shot she said it would hurt a little more because of my muscle. Ugh. OK. (Side note: I absolutely hate needles.) At some point she told me that I should avoid exercise for a day or two and let the shot work.
I had planned to do endurance on the spin bike yesterday afternoon. I had a lot to do at work and had to get home early for Joey’s vet appointment. So I ended up not visiting the gym, which was probably best. Plus my arm was pretty sore. It’s still a little sore today. But not too bad.
I did go to yoga this evening. Wednesday nights are usually a little more moderate. We had a sub today and it was even more low key, which was perfect for me. I wanted a little challenge. But I was really looking for more for meditation and focus.