Working the medicine ball

Medicine ball photo provided by Teach Me Fitness.Today I did about an hour of climbing on the espinner. After my ride I did 15-20 minutes of stretching, weights and squats and abs with the medicine ball.
Until recently I had never really used a medicine ball.
Today I did squats with a 6-pound medicine ball and when I stood up I held the ball high above my head. After 20 of those I did some oblique twists. I did 15 to the left and 15 to the right.
When I used Google to search for medicine ball images I found a lot of exercise ideas with the medicine ball. I am sure there are a ton more than what is in that link.
I plan to try some other exercises. Of course, if I come up with some good stuff I will share it all here on Go Fit Girl!
The photo of the medicine balls to the left is provided by Teach Me Fitness.