Low cal Sexy Sangria for the win

My Sexy Sangria, which I made for the Cocktail Competition Party 2011.

Last night was our friends’ Monica and Malcolm’s annual holiday Cocktail Competition party. The past three years the party has been a competition.
We didn’t make it the first competition party because we were out of town (but had been to it in the past).
The idea is everyone makes some sort of cocktail. We write the name of our drink on the board, a motto and why we think our drink should win. Everyone gets a certain amount of votes to give out. This year we each got three votes to make.
Last year I made Hungry Girl’s Winter Wonderland Peppermintini. My drink won by a mere two votes. And I really have to say it was the presentation that pushed me over the edge. I also really pushed that the yummy cocktail was 125 calories. A yummy pretty drink that won’t get you fat. 🙂 (Well, all in moderation.)

The 2010 Cocktail Competition winner was Hungry Girl's Winter Wonderland Peppermintini.

This year I made Hungry Girl’s Party-in-a-Pitcher Sangria, which for the party I renamed Sexy Sangria. (Curt actually came up with the name.)
Because of my close win last year I knew I had to up my A game. My Sexy Sangria had a Barcelona theme with sand, umbrellas, beach theme stickers, etc. And I did push on the low-calorie drink as well. Because each cup wasn’t a full serving I pushed the about 80 calories per drink idea.
The great idea with the sangria is you get a yummy alcoholic beverage and some fruit. It can’t get much better than that.
Well, I think the presentation got me the win, well the co-win. I tied with Dorothy’s Gingerbread Cookie Cocktail, which was absolutely delicious and got one of my votes. Gingerbread Cookie and Sexy Sangria tied. So we split the prizes and the glory.
What will I come up with next year?