Sore, tired body

This minty refreshing gel works cold and hot on sore areas. It was a little spendy but so worth it.

This will be a short post as I am tired and well, just bleh.
Tuesday night Jenn and I did some weight work on our back and shoulders (among other stuff).
Yesterday I worked from home so I attended the Power Vinyasa yoga class at the studio in my neighborhood. Naushon really had us focus on doing upward dog properly, by pushing our chest forward and our shoulders down.
Between the work on shoulders/back Tuesday night and the yoga class yesterday and the crappy sleep I have gotten the past FOUR nights I woke up today with super sore shoulders and upper back.
I know being sore like this is a good thing as I am working my muscles and getting stronger. But it still is not that comfortable.
(Tonight at the gym I did intervals for spin and a little ab work. I did some stretching of my back and shoulders as well.)
After I got home I took a nice hot shower. Then I slathered my refreshing gel on my shoulders and upper back. I am feeling a little better. I am relaxing while blogging, watching TV, drinking wine and having a dinner of leftovers.
(This is all definitely deserved after I hit Marshall’s and Ross tonight looking for ugly Christmas sweaters for my friend Stephanie and me for our work White Elephant party on Monday. There were like a million people at Ross, the place was trashed, rude people every where and the line was about a mile long. I eventually left after finding a few shirts but really, no Christmas sweaters. Boooo!)