Caffeine free?

Lemon tea and honey is what I have been drinking morning, noon and night this week.

Since I have been sick I haven’t had coffee. It’s been almost two weeks.
My last cup of coffee was Christmas Eve morning. Though it is possible I had some Christmas morning. Because I wasn’t sick quite yet. But I think I had a fuu-fuu white chocoate Ghiradelli drink thing. And it was good! OK, after looking up the link I realize that appears to have coffee in it. But it can’t be that much. I added two tablespoons of the powder to a cup of hot milk.
Now I normally drink coffee every day. On the weekends we make it at home. And we make good coffee at home. We drink Blue Bottle coffee. Yes, we are now coffee snobs.
At work we have Starbucks and Peet’s. They are OK. But they can’t compete with Blue Bottle. I drink coffee at work for a variety of reasons: it’s easy; it’s there; I like caffeine; I think I need caffeine; it’s part of my routine: get to work; crank up computer; fill up water glass and make a cup of coffee; start my work day.
For the past two weeks I have been drinking (what feels like gallons of) water, tea, tea with honey and hot apple cider, which contains Vitamin C and is a nice break from tea.
Last week when I had the congestion in my head and nose I woke up 3-4 times in the mornings with a headache. I figured it was from being congested. But now I am thinking it could have been caffeine withdrawals.
And since it has been almost two weeks and I have functioned at work this week with crappy sleep (because of the cough) I am thinking about trying to continue this trend. I am not giving up coffee (or caffeine) entirely. I just want to try to not rely on it anymore.
As with booze I am going to try to keep coffee to weekends and special occasions (ie. going out to breakfast, meeting a friend for coffee, maybe having a coffee after dinner out instead of dessert, etc.)
But there are always times when you need or want that cup or coffee (or beer or glass of wine or gin and tonic) and I won’t ever deny myself of that.
Everything in moderation.