Trying to de-clutter my life

The de-clutter in the kitchen was a success. Tomorrow onto other parts of the house.

I recently signed up for a super cleanse with Lory Benson Pilates, which started yesterday. I haven’t actually started the green smoothie cleanse as the timing isn’t quite right for me. But before the end of this month I plan to imbibe in some fruit and veggie smoothies.
The seven-day cleanse is about de-cluttering physically, mentally and your surroundings.
Because the cleanse technically started yesterday Lory is sending out daily e-mails. Her encouragement and advice on our de-cluttering in all aspects is really great, motivating and inspiring.
Yesterday and today Lory has been giving advice on how to de-clutter our surroundings. I am totally excited and motivated to do this. I had planned to attack my closet and our spare room/office over the week off between Christmas and New Year’s and then I got a cold. So nothing was taken care of then.
We have friends visiting in March. So that gives me a goal and deadline to have the spare room in tip top shape followed by the rest of the house.
This morning I attacked the kitchen. I cleaned the top of the fridge, inside it, outside of it; moved on to pots and pans; various drawers, pantry, etc.
I have cleaned, reorganized, thrown things away and started a box for charity. (Who knows? At this rate I could have enough stuff to host a yard sale.)
After that I went to my Vinyasa class, which was taught by a sub today. We started class seated in meditation. We had our eyes closed. Once we were ready to start our practice Jen asked us to keep our eyes closed. We moved from seated position to Child’s pose and then to all fours and then to Cat Cow and then to Downward Facing Dog, all with our eyes closed. Jen told us if we kept our eyes closed we would work more on memory of the poses to our body. If we opened our eyes our mind would take over. This totally seemed to fit into my de-clutter theme today.
This afternoon I finished up the kitchen. Since I am off tomorrow I plan to hit the linen closet and bathroom. If time permits my crazy closet will get a make over. (If not, I have plenty of weekends to work on it and other parts of the house.)
This evening I attended the Restorative yoga class. The idea of Restorative practice is to quiet the body and the mind, aka as de-cluttering. Sometimes I am really able to relax and calm my nervous system. Sometimes I even fall asleep. Other times I am fidgety.
The new restorative teacher, Jeff, gave great advice to those who have a heard time sleeping. While lying flat on your back stretch your arms and legs out, tense up and make yourself long. Try it three times and see if that helps. I definitely felt great after we tried that tonight. I will see if it helps with sleep later.
Once I start the cleanse I will report on how it is going. And I am sure there will be updates on the de-cluttering of the house. Wish me luck on both!