Sometimes partner yoga is a good thing

Lily had us partner up and get into Child's much more deeply. It was like heaven.

I attended my kinda sorta regular Vinyasa flow class tonight. Since getting sick and with the holidays I haven’t been to that class in probably almost a month.
The class is slightly aggressive, which is the type of yoga I normally prefer. For me it is all about burning the calories. Though I do take some less intense classes to balance out my practice.
This Friday night class is supposed to have live music, which I was excited about. Unfortunately Gary got caught in traffic and didn’t make it to play the Hang, which I have been lucky to hear him play in other classes.
Today Lily had us partner up. I have to say I am not a fan of partnering up with another classmate. I don’t really know anyone and usually we are sweating. And well, I just don’t like it.
The first partner practice was to help your partner into handstand. She gave us an alternative choice if we weren’t inverting for whatever reason: Dolphin. I was uncomfortable working on this pose with a partner for a variety or reasons. I didn’t want to be responsible for anyone falling over or hurting themselves. And I am not ready for handstand, even with help.
The closest I have gotten to a handstand was doing Downward Dog against the wall with my legs almost straight up. That was intense and scary and exhilarating.
Later on she had us partner up again. I groaned silently. She had each partner get into Child’s pose with the other partner putting pressure on the sacrum and really getting their partner into a much deeper pose. Then we worked our hands up the partner’s back and ended with a little massage of the shoulders. Oh yea, that partner practice I liked and appreciated.