Let the cleanse begin

My breakfast today is a green smoothies with lots of fruit and kale. The smoothie is in a blue tinted water bottle, so it isn't as gross looking as it appears here. Though it does have a hint of green.

I recently signed up for a 7-day super cleanse with Lory Benson Pilates.  The cleanse actually started on January 14. But the timing wasn’t right for me. I needed a time where I knew I could dedicate seven days to this green smoothie cleanse.
So I start the cleanse today. Today and tomorrow I will substitute one meal with a green smoothie. I have decided to have the smoothies for breakfast. Last night I made smoothies for today and tomorrow. I had a quick taste of each and they tasted pretty good.
The amount of smoothie seems like a lot of stuff to drink. But they are supposed to be filing. This cleanse focuses on green smoothies and raw food. A green smoothie’s two main ingredients are greens and fruit.
I plan to write updates on my cleanse throughout the week. Not sure if I will write about it every day. I hope to make it through the full seven days. Days 3 through 7 I will have three green smoothies a day. If I can’t drink three smoothies a day for five days I will try to do one or two. I will just try to do my best. It’s all I can ask of myself.
Even though I didn’t start the smoothie part of the cleanse on the actual start date I received all the materials. One thing that has stuck with me is the cleansing and de-cluttering of not just physically and mentally but also with my surroundings.
So I have been in full de-clutter mode at home. So far I have attacked the kitchen, bathroom, linen closet and my closet. The amount of trash thrown out and the growing charity pile along with how organized and good I feel has had an amazing impact on me. I am excited to de-clutter. And I look forward to our home being rid of crap we don’t need. And things being cleaned and organized is pretty nice, too.
When I got home from work last night I actually put my shoes back into their box in the closet. Before I couldn’t or wouldn’t. Wouldn’t because I got lazy. Couldn’t because I got lazy and I couldn’t actually access the shoe boxes to return my shoes to their rightful place.
When I was cleaning out my closet over the weekend I found jewelry supplies I bought more than five years ago after I hosted a birthday jewelry party at Michaels. I had planned to make bracelets and necklaces the following year for friends and family. Yea, that never happened. My friend and co-worker Jessica makes jewelry. So I took the supplies in yesterday and told her she could have any of it or none of it. I wouldn’t be offended if she didn’t want any of it. She was so excited and she took it all, beads and tools. It made me happy that she could use it. YEA!
Check back to see how my cleanse continues … with green smoothies and de-cluttering at home. Here are a few photos from my cleansing/de-cluttering so far.