Slurping green

My breakfast today. It tastes much better than it looks.

I survived Day 2 of my cleanse. But I was only substituting one meal with a one green smoothie today and yesterday.
Tomorrow will be the real test: three green smoothies=three meals. If all goes as planned I will do that for the next five days. We’ll see how it goes.
My friend Karen asked if the green smoothie I had today was actually green. I think the picture reveals the answer to Karen’s question.
The smoothies are so thick that I can’t actually drink it out of the water bottles I have been filing. Heck, I can’t even drink it. So I have been eating it with a spoon. That seems to work pretty well.
And the smoothies are so thick and filling that they take a long time to eat. It gives me a chance to eat my meal slowly and digest it slowly.
You may be wondering why I am doing this cleanse. I am doing it for a variety of reasons.
Lately I have been really paying attention to what I am eating and drinking. I decided that the cleanse would be a good addition to this. I do already eat a lot of fruits and veggies. But I wanted to detox and get and feel healthier.
And don’t forget all the great de-cluttering I have been doing lately as well. This all grew from the cleanse.
I know people do many kinds of cleanses and/or detoxes. Some are healthy and safe. And some aren’t. This one is healthy and safe. I am getting my advice from a┬áHolistic Nutrition Counselor and Certified Pilates teacher. I am not skipping any meals. And I am ingesting calories and so many raw fruits and veggies.
Here’s to three smoothies tomorrow.