Getting over my cold on the couch

Stepping on the scale this week had some good news with surprising results.

So I stayed home from work today.
I watched TV, movies, napped, lounged on the couch, took one work call … and I feel a lot better.
I am still congested and a little tired. But nothing like I felt yesterday.
OK, enough about me getting better.
So I am still disappointed that I had to quit my cleanse early. But something good did come out of it.
I lost 3.2 pounds over the week. I had no idea it would have that kind of weight loss. And really, I didn’t do the cleanse to lose weight. I had already been eating healthy and losing weight with portion-controlled filling meals and regular exercise.
Since quitting the cleanse everything I eat tastes so good. My first piece of chocolate on Monday was like heaven. So I am a little worried that my hard work will go out the window. But I am working hard to prevent that.
Wish me luck!